Asthma Choir
Spent My Life In Sugar Town
Our album SPENT MY LIVE IN SUGAR TOWN is out now!
It's bin a hell/heaven of a mountain of work. After evolving from our former band Excessive Visage we went through many alterations of band member formations and tinkered with our songs until we started recording them at heavenly Clouds Hill Recordings in Hamburg and kept on with it and finishing the album eight months later in our home/gomorrah Berlin. We managed to put in most of our guts, fears, love, puzzledness, weirdoness and sugar. Some of our favorit artists joined in making this such a wonderful package (unomoralez , Maria Trigo Teixeira , ...). We hope many of you will enjoy it. You can buy the vinyl, CD, cassette or a digital copy aswell as stream it on the ultimate music platform Bandcamp. Thanks bandcamp for existing between all this non-sense in the internet and actually beeing helpful for artists. The album is also on those other streaming platforms if you prefer this.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this. Thanks to drummer Christoph Dehne for writing some of those songs with us, thanks Linda Dag for beeing an genius recording engineer, thanks Flo Siller for a pristine mastering, Hans Otto, Larissa Blau, Dino Joubert, and and and. And we are very happy to have Nic Barnes and Maia Kennon in our new live band! And thank YOU, dear listener!